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KCauldronX - continuation of KCauldron minecraft server

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Building KCauldronX

  • Ensure you are using Java JDK 8u101 or higher.
  • Checkout project
    • You can use IDE or clone from console: git clone
  • Init submodules
    • Since this project is merger of two other we need both. git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Setup initial workspace
    • This process download minecraft and apply patches
    • If you have gradle integration in IDE - you can still use gui ./gradlew setupCauldron
  • Build both legacy server jar & default jar ./gradlew jar

Updating sources

If you're once checkout source - you not need to do it again

  • Update sources
    • git pull origin master
  • Reapply patches & build binaries
    • ./gradlew clean setupCauldron jar

Issue submitting rule

  • First check the bug in single player and vanilla forge, if bug still present - mod issue
  • Check with minimal server environment
    • Remove all unnecessary plugins and mods
    • Reset all configs to default If bug present - mod compatibility issue
  • If you're using beta-release of KCauldronX - check on latest stable
    • All versions situated there
  • If bug still present - KCauldronX issue
    • Make sure that similar issue not exists already
    • Please fill issue form else