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rofl0r 060801d8c8 fat-binary-m1: use arm64e for dylib, but not for executable 5 months ago
rofl0r 09142579c5 use -Wno-unknown-pragmas if available 6 months ago
rofl0r 916d2d7da1 fix --fat-binary-m1 option 6 months ago
rofl0r 4b531806b2 configure: add --fat-binary-m1 for arm64e/x86_64 (M1) fat binary 7 months ago
Zenithal 9b42da71f4 Fix zsh completion file to proxychains4 7 months ago
Freed-Wu 04023d3811 Add zsh completion file 8 months ago
rofl0r 0a4daa62d6 using qsort for 4 ints is overkill 8 months ago
Recolic Keghart 0000000062 Add hook to close_range function, solves #439. |0! 8 months ago
rofl0r 07c15a02f6 add configure check for non-POSIX compliant getnameinfo signature 10 months ago
rofl0r 2cc014995e release 4.16 11 months ago
Vladimir Panteleev 6abeb53e69 proxy_getaddrinfo(): Fill in ai_socktype if requested 11 months ago
Vladimir Panteleev 70629aaf25 src/proxychains.conf: Fix typos 11 months ago
rofl0r a12cf0a516 main: add more luser-friendly error message when execvp fails 11 months ago
Eero Häkkinen 2739fb5416 support IPv6 localnets 11 months ago
rofl0r 4a963b2feb only use -ldl if available (netbsd compilation fix) 12 months ago
rofl0r e20c08fe47 configure: detect OSX >= 12 and use new dyld hooking method 12 months ago
rofl0r 4a013fe6a5 preliminary support for new DYLD hooking method for OSX Monterey 12 months ago
rofl0r d415d8a5ed introduce HOOKFUNC macro to mark all libc hook functions 12 months ago
rofl0r 063ac681da remove 10 year old workaround for wrong glibc getnameinfo signature 12 months ago
rofl0r b83e90dcaf update some testcases 12 months ago
rofl0r 7de7dd0de1 configure: fix regression in detecting linker options 1 year ago
rofl0r 1015efaf16 release 4.15 1 year ago
Fabrice Fontaine 83bfa0b61d configure: fix check_link_silent and check_compile 1 year ago
rofl0r 931e0df9f8 README: freenode -> libera 2 years ago
rofl0r 092d7042e0 initialize rand seed with nano-second granularity 2 years ago
rofl0r 6af2686a52 configure: check for -pthread vs -lpthread (#379) 2 years ago
rofl0r 918855deed proxy_getaddrinfo(): debug: print hints->ai_flags 2 years ago
rofl0r 181cc0f414 debug.h: print pid in all debug output 2 years ago
rofl0r 3721f7e144 test_getaddrinfo: also print port information 2 years ago
rofl0r 6c029fdf47 fix compiler parentheses warning in dnat code 2 years ago
rofl0r 596f0028cb proxychains.conf: fix localnet documentation 2 years ago
rofl0r fa9644dc27 configure: check first whether C compiler works 2 years ago
Alexandre Viau 159ab94635
support 'raw' proxy type (#348) 2 years ago
rofl0r 583343a2ef configure: fix typo in fail() 2 years ago
rofl0r 0069fcd53e configure: add missing function fail() 2 years ago
rofl0r 13680e775d proxy_gethostbyname_old(): fix omission of namebuffer population 2 years ago
rofl0r 55dce2c040 proxy_gethostbyname_old(): fix returned address type 2 years ago
rofl0r 82c766461c proxy_gethostbyname_old(): likewise. 2 years ago
rofl0r 59e8d1710a proxy_gethostbyname(): fix failure to omit DNS lookup for ipv4 addrs 2 years ago
rofl0r 452830283c move isnumericipv4() to common.c 2 years ago
rofl0r 486f8200ad tunnel_to: shrink huge buffer size 2 years ago
rofl0r c99d97983e shrink huge gethostbyname buffer 2 years ago
rofl0r 7fe8139496 experimental new feature: proxy_dns_daemon 2 years ago
rofl0r 1e00b9ac1e get rid of ip_type.c 2 years ago
rofl0r 1221c5e93a get_chain_data: fix strstr() config parsing 2 years ago
rofl0r e6c4764660 proxy_dns_old: use pipe2 if available, else O_CLOEXEC 2 years ago
rofl0r 2ab631918d add support for "proxy_dns_old" to use old 3.1 DNS lookup method 2 years ago
rofl0r 3e791fd797 make sure allocator thread is only used if proxy_dns is requested 2 years ago
rofl0r 3a5050bec2 initialize allocator thread from get_chain_data if needed 2 years ago
rofl0r 3dfda493d8 only start allocator thread if proxy_dns is requested 2 years ago