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rofl0r 282ac7dd02 release 4.17 2024-01-21 17:28:35 +00:00
rofl0r 1d0bc349eb fix potential double-close of file descriptors
in case of an error condition, both start_chain() and chain_step()
were closing the fd to be acted upon, without setting it to -1,
and the function calling them would close them again.

this could affect multi-threaded applications that opened new fds
between the first and the second close, invalidating those fds
in the targeted app.

patch loosely based on report and PR by @jhfrontz.

closes #542
2024-01-02 14:45:25 +00:00
Guilherme Janczak 0279dda939
OpenBSD: use ':' as LD_PRELOAD separator (#538)
LD_PRELOAD documentation added in 1998 talks about colon as
separator, and apparently space no longer works.
2023-12-09 12:59:53 +00:00
wzy d5cc80ae16
Fix zsh install location (#532)
2023-12-02 21:28:35 +00:00
rofl0r 0c795085fa move initialization of quiet variable to do_init
fixes #511 - DLL init line is always printed even with -q.
regression from recent changes to init code.
2023-05-20 15:27:22 +00:00
Wu Zhenyu 42d2d95160 Remove unused code in zsh completion
Move completions/_proxychains4 to completions/zsh/_proxychains4 to avoid confusion
2023-04-26 21:11:29 +01:00
rofl0r 133e06b3f0 fix resolving of proxy names with proxy_dns_daemon
closes #497

in order to make this work, also the change in 2d265582a2
was required; otherwise the sendto() call from rdns lookup would
cause the init code to be called from within the init code and
ultimately hanging on pthread_once().
2023-03-20 20:29:25 +00:00
rofl0r 2d265582a2 disable lazy init if compiler supports GCC constructor attribute
before we started to use the gcc constructor attribute to load our
initialization code, each function hook used to check whether the
initialization was already done, and if not, do it at that point.

this workaround is quite ugly, and creates a circular reference
if the startup code calls any of the hooked functions.

now we only do the lazy init if the compiler used is not GCC
2023-03-20 20:15:00 +00:00
rofl0r 66f99b19dd improve DNS failure handling with old proxyresolv method
should fix #493
2023-03-08 15:05:06 +00:00
rofl0r 199d03d8b4 configure: add a check for whether libc headers are usable
closes #486
2022-12-10 19:19:53 +00:00
rofl0r 060801d8c8 fat-binary-m1: use arm64e for dylib, but not for executable
according to research done by @malash, the proxychains4 binary
itself isn't allowed to use system-internal arm64e mode; but
it's possible to add it as a 3rd architecture to the shared
library (.dylib), and then even inject it into system binaries
like /usr/bin/curl, which didn't work since the introduction
of SIP.

therefore, we now create the dylib with all 3 archs, but the
launcher only with arm64 and x86_64.

closes #453
2022-07-21 23:04:03 +00:00
rofl0r 09142579c5 use -Wno-unknown-pragmas if available
this heavily reduces compiler warning spam in build logs.
2022-06-11 11:00:34 +00:00
rofl0r 916d2d7da1 fix --fat-binary-m1 option
even though the preload library was built correctly, the LDFLAGS set
weren't passed to the main proxychains4 binary, resulting in link
errors against the fat object files.

closes #452
2022-05-31 23:53:23 +00:00
rofl0r 4b531806b2 configure: add --fat-binary-m1 for arm64e/x86_64 (M1) fat binary
addresses #451
closes #383
2022-05-19 09:12:10 +00:00
Zenithal 9b42da71f4 Fix zsh completion file to proxychains4 2022-05-15 09:36:35 +01:00
Freed-Wu 04023d3811 Add zsh completion file 2022-04-13 00:55:19 +01:00
rofl0r 0a4daa62d6 using qsort for 4 ints is overkill
replace it with custom mini sort routine.
2022-04-12 23:51:17 +00:00
Recolic Keghart 0000000062 Add hook to close_range function, solves #439. |0! 2022-04-12 20:37:05 +08:00
rofl0r 07c15a02f6 add configure check for non-POSIX compliant getnameinfo signature
- glibc < 2.14 uses "unsigned" instead of "int" for flags
- openbsd and freebsd use "size_t" instead of socklen_t for servlen
  and nodelen, while still using socklen_t for salen.

closes #430
2022-01-25 15:42:55 +00:00
rofl0r 2cc014995e release 4.16 2022-01-23 14:16:56 +00:00
Vladimir Panteleev 6abeb53e69 proxy_getaddrinfo(): Fill in ai_socktype if requested
If the application specifies a protocol but not a socket type,
normally getaddrinfo will select a corresponding protocol.

Mimic this behavior in our implementation of the function as well.
We only care about the case we're actually able to proxify

Fixes proxifying pssh.
2022-01-22 20:05:47 +00:00
Vladimir Panteleev 70629aaf25 src/proxychains.conf: Fix typos 2022-01-22 20:05:47 +00:00
rofl0r a12cf0a516 main: add more luser-friendly error message when execvp fails
closes #423
closes #412
2022-01-10 11:44:26 +00:00
Eero Häkkinen 2739fb5416 support IPv6 localnets
closes #218
2022-01-03 14:52:06 +00:00
rofl0r 4a963b2feb only use -ldl if available (netbsd compilation fix)
fixes #416
2021-12-17 13:37:58 +00:00
rofl0r e20c08fe47 configure: detect OSX >= 12 and use new dyld hooking method
closes #409
2021-12-14 14:38:55 +00:00
rofl0r 4a013fe6a5 preliminary support for new DYLD hooking method for OSX Monterey
there's currently no build system support yet. after ./configure
was executed, add -DMONTEREY_HOOKING to CFLAGS/CPPFLAGS in config.mak
to activate this.

addressing #409

special thanks go to @yicong2007 and @YangshengLu for helping to
figure out this new technique.
2021-12-14 12:49:27 +00:00
rofl0r d415d8a5ed introduce HOOKFUNC macro to mark all libc hook functions
this is currently a NO-OP, but it's already useful in that it
clearly marks our hook functions that override libc.
this in preparation of adding support for MacOS 12.0.1 "Monterey",
which apparently requires a new dynlinker hooking method.
2021-12-12 17:59:17 +00:00
rofl0r 063ac681da remove 10 year old workaround for wrong glibc getnameinfo signature
in ce655fdac8 the getnameinfo function
was factored into a separate TU to prevent its POSIX signature from
colliding with GLIBC's wrong prototype. since this has been fixed
in GLIBC 10 years ago, it should be safe by now.
undoing the workaround has the advantage that all hooked functions
are now available in the same place, which is a prerequisite for
a change i'm about to commit.

if it turns out there's still systems in use that use the old GLIBC
version with the wrong prototype, we can add a configure check
dealing with it.
2021-12-12 17:51:25 +00:00
rofl0r b83e90dcaf update some testcases 2021-12-12 15:59:34 +00:00
rofl0r 7de7dd0de1 configure: fix regression in detecting linker options
introduced in 83bfa0b61d, the check_link_silent
option always returned the result from the rm -f command rather than
the result from the compiler.

fixes #400
2021-10-01 08:58:19 +00:00
rofl0r 1015efaf16 release 4.15 2021-07-24 06:23:03 +01:00
Fabrice Fontaine 83bfa0b61d configure: fix check_link_silent and check_compile
Replace -o /dev/null by -o "$tmpc".out in check_link_silent and
check_compile otherwise test will fail with some bugged binutils
( since version
4.13 and

checking what's the option to use in linker to set library name ...
cannot find an option to set library name
package/ recipe for target '/home/buildroot/autobuild/instance-2/output-1/build/proxychains-ng-4.14/.stamp_configured' failed


Signed-off-by: Fabrice Fontaine <>
2021-07-23 20:18:34 +01:00
rofl0r 931e0df9f8 README: freenode -> libera 2021-05-19 14:18:27 +01:00
rofl0r 092d7042e0 initialize rand seed with nano-second granularity
in scenarios where one is to spin up several processes with the same
proxy list in random mode, all processes started in the same second
would pick the same proxy due to using the same srand() seed.

closes #380
2021-05-14 14:10:14 +00:00
rofl0r 6af2686a52 configure: check for -pthread vs -lpthread (#379) 2021-04-30 16:15:30 +01:00
rofl0r 918855deed proxy_getaddrinfo(): debug: print hints->ai_flags 2021-02-05 01:50:39 +00:00
rofl0r 181cc0f414 debug.h: print pid in all debug output 2021-02-05 01:45:19 +00:00
rofl0r 3721f7e144 test_getaddrinfo: also print port information 2021-02-05 01:38:17 +00:00
rofl0r 6c029fdf47 fix compiler parentheses warning in dnat code 2021-01-08 17:45:35 +00:00
rofl0r 596f0028cb proxychains.conf: fix localnet documentation
localnet with hostnames/DNS is not compatible with remote dns - if remote dns
is activated we get an ip from the remote dns resolver in the connect() call,
so we don't know whether the destination would match any localnet - except
from the ANY localnet - in which case we would need to do a real DNS
lookup with the remote DNS ip involving both the rdns resolver to get the
original hostname back and then call the native DNS resolver function - for
which there is only getaddrinfo() when we don't want to support the 5
different gethostbyname_r() variants in existence, or using getaddrinfo(),
which in turn requires memory allocation/free() - in other words a huge mess.
we also can't easily check in the resolver whether an ANY-destination localnet
is enabled and the port matches, because the resolver might only resolve the
hostname at this stage, but not the destination port.

addressing #358
2021-01-08 17:36:05 +00:00
rofl0r fa9644dc27 configure: check first whether C compiler works
closes #353
2020-12-18 12:33:49 +00:00
Alexandre Viau 159ab94635
support 'raw' proxy type (#348) 2020-12-12 08:25:36 +00:00
rofl0r 583343a2ef configure: fix typo in fail() 2020-10-29 12:06:00 +00:00
rofl0r 0069fcd53e configure: add missing function fail() 2020-10-29 11:58:22 +00:00
rofl0r 13680e775d proxy_gethostbyname_old(): fix omission of namebuffer population 2020-10-28 11:12:36 +00:00
rofl0r 55dce2c040 proxy_gethostbyname_old(): fix returned address type 2020-10-28 11:12:36 +00:00
rofl0r 82c766461c proxy_gethostbyname_old(): likewise. 2020-10-28 11:12:36 +00:00
rofl0r 59e8d1710a proxy_gethostbyname(): fix failure to omit DNS lookup for ipv4 addrs
gethostbyname() is specified to transform simple numeric ipv4 addresses
into their binary form. since proxy_gethostbyname() was used as a
backend for all resolver functions, somehow we assumed the check for
an ipv4 was done from another site, however this didn't hold true when
the caller used gethostbyname() directly.

fixes #347
2020-10-28 11:12:17 +00:00
rofl0r 452830283c move isnumericipv4() to common.c 2020-10-28 10:39:27 +00:00