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rofl0r b83e90dcaf update some testcases 12 months ago
test_getaddrinfo.c update some testcases 12 months ago
test_gethostbyname.c add libc gethostbyname test 3 years ago
test_gethostent.c test_gethostent: improve compileability 3 years ago
test_gethostent_r.c replace hostent lookup with better performing in-memory copy. 10 years ago
test_getnameinfo.c update some testcases 12 months ago
test_proxy_gethostbyname.c move stringfromipv4 into common.c 10 years ago
test_sendto.c support MSG_FASTOPEN on old kernels 8 years ago
test_shm.c failed attempt to use shared memory for the ip <-> dns mapping 10 years ago
test_v4_in_v6.c add testcase for ipv4-mapped ipv6 address 7 years ago